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Auto Accidents

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Nazaryan Law Group has extensive experience in dealing with automobile accidents and protecting the rights of the injured plaintiff. Our services include securing liability for the client, assisting in proper medical treatment, and resolving any property damage claims resulting from the collision. Attorney Alpin Nazaryan and his staff will work diligently to resolve any and all issues arising from the automobile accident. Generally, drivers owe a duty of care to operate their vehicle in a reasonable manner and to avoid creating unreasonable risks of harm to others on the roadway. To be able to file a negligence claim, a car accident victim must argue the following: a) provide evidence that the defendant failed to obey traffic laws, b) show that the car accident was an approximate cause of plaintiff’s injuries and c) prove the harm done to the plaintiff’s person or vehicle, e.g. loss of earnings capacity, medical expenses, pain and suffering.
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